Collecting New “Memories”

Question: Do you feel that your very first memory is the start of YOUR personal life?

Answer: It depends on the memory. I do not know if you have seen the original “Blade Runner” movie where they created perfect “Replicants”, robots that were identical (although mentally and physically superior) to Humans with an artificially limited lifespan. They had memory implants to give them a sense of being born, being raised, etc.

By default we are like those “Replicants”, our memories are implanted by birth, all our desires, thoughts, aspirations are programmed in us in advance. Thus as long as we live according to this instinctive program we haven’t started our “personal lives” yet, we haven’t become independent Human beings.

We have to “harvest” and upload new memories, new desires, new aspirations and new viewpoints from other people. We have to enter and work together in a unique “laboratory”, where each person erases their own, instinctive memories and installs, uploads memories, viewpoints, desires from all the others.

As a result we change a very limited, “robotic”, subjective, egocentric consciousness and perception to a selfless, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, true, objective consciousness, perception.

The new observer with the new consciousness, perception is the real Human, our new personal identity.

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