Change Of Attitude

Question: Imagine you had the secret power to know what someone is going to say one hour before they said it. How would you make the most of this?

Answer: Let’s assume that what they say, and what it leads to cannot be changed. Then the only advantage of knowing in advance what they are going to say is to prepare my own reaction, attitude towards the unchangeable…

It is a bit similar to our “free choice” in life. We exist in a completely predetermined, purposeful Natural system. The start and final goal, moreover the intermediate developmental steps of evolution cannot be changed.

Our free choice is about studying the unchanging, perfect system, understanding, unveiling the evolutionary plan “ahead of time”, so we could prepare our best reaction, approach towards the unfolding, predetermined steps on the developmental ladder.

This seemingly tiny, almost imperceptible “free choice” makes a huge difference! If we know we exist in an intelligent system that drives us towards a guaranteed, perfect, final goal, we can start viewing everything as purposeful.

From now on we don’t evaluate, judge anything as pleasant, unpleasant, sweet or bitter from selfish, subjects point of view, since we know that everything is good and useful in relation to that final, most optimal state.

This way we can justify the system and its plan, and as a result we just our own existence conscious, Human beings.

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