The Definition Of “Good Life”: Conscious Homeostasis

Question: What is your definition of a good life?

Answer: For the answer we need to define what “life” and “good life” means.

Life is the mutual communication, circulation in between various, diverse parts of a closed, fully integrated and interdependent Natural system.

Good life is when this system is in balance, when the crucial homeostasis – without which life, optimal development isn’t possible – is successfully maintained.

Moreover in order to scrutinize, justify that life is good, at least part of that Natural system needs to have an independent consciousness, capable of discerning in between disease vs health, separation vs connection, life vs death.

Humanity received this unique conscious observer role from evolution. In order to fulfill this role first we have to build a conscious, proactive unity, integration within Humanity, above inherent differences, despite instinctive, mutual distrust, hatred.

Then by balancing in between our inherently egocentric, greedy, hateful nature and a new, acquired selfless, altruistic intention, we will possess both sides of the coin, we will be able to discern in between vastly opposing contrasts.

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