False Society

Question: What’s the worst example of a group that bases itself on a given set of principles but instead practices the opposite of those principles?

Answer: It is our modern Human society regardless of nationality, culture, religion or social system.

We preach liberalism, democracy, equality, freedom, fairness, love and understanding while we practice the exact opposite being driven by our inherently selfish, egoistic, greedy and hateful nature.

We can’t even call this “falseness” evil or sinful, since we had no free choice about the nature, instinctive inclination we were born with.

But today – when our inherent nature like cancer driving us towards inevitable self-destruction – we have to use our unique, analytical Human mind in order to reveal this “inherent evil” in us, and use a unique, purposeful, practical educational method to correct, upgrade ourselves to an evolutionary higher form, existence.

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