I Care About Me, Myself And I…

Question: What’s the most shocking life philosophy you encountered?

Answer: The most shocking life philosophy is, “I care about me, myself and I”.

And we all inevitably follow this philosophy, as we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic and subjective nature.

We have no choice about the attributes we received at birth, moreover this nature is so shrewd that most of us genuinely believe that we are “good, caring, loving” people, being unaware of the ego directing everything behind the scenes.

Only in extreme circumstances or in a purpose-built built “Human laboratory” can we reveal how much we are helpless servants to our selfish egos.

And this “revelation of evil” -which Humanity is finally approaching today – is extremely important. It is as important as being diagnosed with cancer in early stages so we could successfully treat, cure it, facilitating survival.

Thus we all need to enter the above mentioned, unique Human laboratories where our “Human cancer” can be diagnosed and treated successfully before it’s too late.

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