The Intention Is Most Important!

Question: Can we consider a talk regardless of how it hurts the other person honest or disrespectful, what is the limit here?

Answer: Neither the action itself or the instinctive reaction of the “receiver” truly matters. The only thing that matters is the intention of that one acting, talking.

If the intention of the acting, talking person is positive, truly wanting to help the other, then even if the instinctive reaction of the receiver is negative, painful, the eventual outcome will be good.

We have many examples how restrictions, different punishments work positively in parenting, upbringing, education as long as there is a clear purpose, loving, supportive intention behind them.

We tend to live on the level of superficial actions/reactions, but the true action, the true forces operate on the level of intentions and it is the intention that will decide the eventual outcome

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