Teaching The Jedi To Balance The Force

Question: All of the Jedi’s and Sith Lord’s in Star wars universe are coming to earth to destroy your very existence but fear not as you can pick five video game characters to protect you, who do you choose?

Answer: I asked my children for an answer, they are still arguing about the “super-commando” of 5 video game characters to pick…

In the meantime would like to approach the question differently, as I think the Jedi itself could have solved the problem. From the Star War movies we learn that “the One”, the best, unique Jedi is capable of “balancing the Force”.

To my understanding “balancing” means finding the “middle line”, balance between all the forces, elements that comprise a certain system. Thus in order to balance one does not need to erase, eradicate, kill anything, but one needs to find the best, mutually complementing part for all the diverse, seemingly contradicting pieces, forces.

In my opinion this was completely ignored in the movie and instead it followed the usual religious, or modern day liberal interpretation, where the “good side” has to eliminate the “evil side”. Apart from this ideology ignoring that we are all “built” from both “good and evil” qualities, forces – as we are all born with an inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective nature, with a small, dormant, “good” Human spark embedded in the egoistic matter – such thinking goes against Nature’s fundamental laws.

In Nature’s perfect system there is nothing that is accidental, obsolete, surplus. Nothing should be suppressed, eliminated. Instead we need to learn the laws of closed, integrated Natural systems and gradually find the best, mutually complementing role, use for everything we encounter.

I think in the movies Anakin Skywalker had the chance to achieve such a balance but received no useful guidance from the other “Jedi Masters”. Then the young, aspiring Jedi lady in the latest part could have accepted the partnership from Han Solo’s “rogue son” to try to achieve balance with him, but again she had the “wrong upbringing”.

In our real life we will need to balance the Force, as by trying to eliminate the evil we also eliminate the good, as one cannot exist without the other. Thus instead of following the “Hollywood Jedi” ideology I would recommend following the purposeful, practical and scientific educational method of Kabbalah, that can teach us how to balance the Force realistically, here and now without suppressing or erasing anything.

In the meantime my children are still arguing about the five best characters that could defeat the Jedi and Sith together…

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