Using My Own Subjective Viewpoint

Question: What is something that you use every day that most other people don’t?

Answer: I use my own glasses, viewpoint through which I view “My version of the world”.

Our perception of reality is completely subjective. We all see the world around us according to our own, unique qualities, desires, states.

This is so much so, that we can look at the world as a 3D movie that is projected by our own movie projector, this is how different reality each of us sees truly is.

Thus the world I see, nobody else sees, can see.

On the other hand – through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method – we can learn to see reality through the eyes, viewpoints, desires of others. If we can make an unprecedented switch in order to watch not our own movie, but the movies projected by the personal projector of others, from them we can assemble a realistic, perfect, holographic picture of reality that will be objective.

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