Consciously Returning To The “Circle Of Life”

Question: Are life forms themselves in a conflict as each life form on its natural growth expansion?

Answer: Only in Humanity.

Apart from Humanity the whole Natural system is perfect, in optimal balance, maintaining homeostasis, keeping the “circle of life”.

Although it is difficult to comprehend from our own present, selfish, subjective point of view, growing up on Disney cartoons that “humanize” animals, but as wise, empirical scientists – who researched and attained Nature’s system with its laws, cause and effect processes completely, even describing the true “theory of everything” – explain the prey does not feel itself eaten as the predators not comprehend eating another living creature. They both instinctively feel themselves as part of the complete, perfect system, performing their reciprocal role for the sake of the system, for the sake of the “circle of life”.

It is the same in our biological bodies where cells, organs do not sense themselves isolated, but only as part of the whole organism.

Humanity is also a single, fully integrated and interdependent organism, but we are born with a unique “amnesia”, dreaming ourselves in an individualistic existence, where we ruthlessly, exclusively compete, fight with each other for existence as cancer cells do.

This is purposeful from evolution’s part, as our unique Human role is to become the conscious “mind”, consenting, active partner of the system. Thus we have to consciously, proactively return to our true, real Human consciousness, sensing not ourselves but the whole system in its totality.

Our sense of individuality will not disappear so we won’t just simply merge into the system without sensing it. A unique duality will remain with the ability to see ourselves and the system “form the side” while being fully integrated in the system, sensing it “from within”.

And this – in a scientific, realistic, tangible manner – will unfold through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method those above mentioned empirical, natural scientists left for us.

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