AI, Technology Won’t Solve Our Human Problem

Question: What do you regret about technology?

Answer: I regret about technology that our incredible technological progress made us complacent, and now we believe that we can solve all our problems with technological advances, trusting our lives to machines instead of ourselves.

We are losing the art of creating things, using our mind and hands to build, repair, produce but this is the smaller problem.

The bigger problem is that regardless of the technology we use, the operator, the source is still “us”, Humans. And as long as our original, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful, greedy and subjective nature is not corrected, we will keep destroying ourselves and everything around us like cancer. Our technological ability just makes the cancer even more efficient, devastating!

Thus we should forget about technology for a while and we need to “upgrade” ourselves instead, acquiring a selfless, altruistic software plug-in to neutralize our hateful, greedy egos first. Then with an improved operating software we will be able to use technology in a positive, constructive way!

And no robots, AI can do this Human upgrade instead of us.

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