How Do We Define “Old”?!

Question: Other than the natural effects of aging (health issues), what bothers you the most about getting old?

Answer: What “bothers” me about “getting old”, is that I do not know what “old” means.

As you said there are the obvious “effects of aging” as our physical body becomes less able to perform certain functions, or recover from illnesses, injuries, but apart from these physical signs, what does “being old” mean?

I know many 80, 90 years old people around me, who keep exploring the world as if they were teenagers. I know them because they want me to fix their painful joints, back, so they could return to their beloved activities, sports, tramping, cultural activities, partnership, etc.

And I also know many teenagers who are already “old”. They are not interested in anything, they are depressed, live in some illusory world, “waiting for death” to free them from a suffering filled life. And they have absolutely nothing wrong with their physical bodies, or mental abilities.

So I really do not know how to define “being old”. Perhaps “Meaning of life”, “Human purpose in life” has something to do with this subjective self-perception?

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