Question: Do you have a person in your life who, no matter how happy or good of a mood you are in, just brings you down? If so, how do you manage them?

Answer: Yes. This person is me.

Even in the best, most perfect moments the “devil in me” can find an excuse to criticize the situation and search for even more, higher, better states.

This “inner devil” – our insatiable, irreplaceable selfish ego is perfect in ruining any situation, it is especially professional in disrupting Human relationships from which true happiness, contentment could arise.

The only way of handling the ego is entering, existing in a unique, purposeful environment that is built on “mutual guarantee”. It is a state where each person focuses on the others as if oneself did not exist, trying to sense and fulfill the desires, needs of the others perfectly, immediately.

This “mutual guarantee” can successfully “wash us out” of our inherently egoistic, self-protective, self-serving cocoons, giving us an ability to see the perfection around us without egoistic distortion, corruption.

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