Seeing Ourselves In The Mirror Of The World

Question: Why do people seek out the meaning of life from outside sources instead of looking inward?

Answer: Because through “inward looking” we can’t find anything else but our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective ego.

Even if we really wanted to get to know ourselves we have to look “outside”, since the “outside world” is the true reflection of our inner qualities.

We do not see the world, others, but we see how our egoistic, subjective filters construct a picture of the world, others, according to our inner attributes. Since perception, assessment is based on similarity of form, we only notice in others what we also have in ourselves. Thus anything “good” or “bad” we see “outside” matches the “good” or “bad” we have inside of us.

This subjective perception gives us mostly a dark, distorted view of the world, where we are seemingly surrounded by a hostile environment comprised of enemies.

Our meaning in life is to adjust ourselves, upgrade our own inner qualities, attributes to such an extent, that through them we will be able to see a changed, perfect world on the “outside”.

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