Using Pressure Purposefully

Question: Can work pressure shorten someone’s life span?

Answer: I think it depends on the extent of the pressure and also on our relationship to work.

As we know from psychological analysis of unemployed people, or how people can deteriorate after retirement, no pressure, no challenges, no useful Human contribution to society can also shorten one’s lifespan, can reduce a person to a simple vegetative state.

If we find our work rewarding, crucially important, if we consider work itself the reward – as justifying our Human existence, our useful, mutually complementing contribution to Humanity – then we can absorb “insane” amount of pressures without any problems.

Then pressure gives us vitality, we thrive on it (we can observe the same on top athletes, politicians, artists for example…)

And if we find a unique, purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment, which collectively world towards our unique Human purpose in life, this environment can channel, absorb any pressure, difficulties, using it as never ending fuel to propel us towards that purpose!

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