“Human Software” Upgrade

Question: If your life is software version 4.1, what would a major upgrade to version 5.0 include, and what bug fixes would it address?

Answer: Although the software version I am running on is already version 4.1, it is still only the incrementally upgraded original version, fully based on the inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective Human nature. This software is a “raw”, beta version, that is suitable only to reach a certain level of development.

It is full of “egoistic bugs”, viruses, that keep breaking the system when I try to connect to any kind of Human network. These bugs, viruses prevent any form of proper, sustainable, mutually supportive and mutually complementing cooperation with others running on a similar 4.1 software version.

Still we have reached a very important developmental state where we are sharply recognizing, that on one hand we exist in a such a fully integrated and interdependent Matrix where only mutual integration, cooperation can offer problem solving and survival, on the other hand we fully understand that without a crucial upgrade – that changes our whole operating paradigm – we won’t survive.

Thus version 5.0 has to be a truly outstanding, breakthrough upgrade, installing an “auxiliary program” – an overall selfless, altruistic intention – that can finally complement the original beta software, making it suitable for true “network computing”.

Thus we have to urgently call the “software specialist” – Nature’s evolutionary program that gave us the original, raw, beta software, waiting for the time when we ourselves ask for the upgrade, thus giving us free choice and making sure we reach a truly Human level of development, a creature that consciously participates in its own evolution in order to get to know itself and the whole system it exists in!

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