Aiming At The Right Goal, With Right Aiming Device…

Question: What are some reasons why your goals and plans are stopping you from succeeding?

Answer: If my goals, plans stop me from succeeding it means that they are not the right plans, goals.

And the reason why our goals, plans usually stop us and mislead us is that we make our plans, goals with our egocentric, subjective minds, calculations.

In order for our plans, goals to succeed we would need to adapt, align them with Nature’s general evolutionary plan that outlines the predetermined direction we would need to progress towards to.

And in order to align, adapt our goals, plans to nature’s general evolutionary plan and succeed we need a unique, purposeful, closed, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment.

We can use this environment as a “tuning/aiming device”, where the “collective intelligence/mind” we build through mutual self-annulment towards each other connects us to Nature’s Universal mind.

And from there, from Nature’s infinite, perfect database we can freely download all the plans, blueprints we need to design, plan, aim our lives correctly.

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