Losing The Old Self…

Question: What is the unique thing you own? Do you never want to lose it?

Answer: My unique thing I own is my “self”. It is not easy to explain, grab what this “self” is, but it is our most precious, protected possession. Most of the time we automatically associate this ‘self” with our physical being and only in unique, or dramatic circumstances do we realize that it is something completely unconnected to our biological bodies.

We can see how people are ready to sacrifice their physical life to protect their “honor”, self-esteem, their legacy. Thus our “self” has a higher, non-material origin compared to our ‘animate”, physical being.

But in order to fully examine, recognize this ‘self”, the “ego” that dominates us, we need to enter a unique “Human laboratory”. Only when we keep provoking, inciting this “self” by making 100% efforts for building completely selfless, altruistic unity, where each person commits to unconditionally serve, love the others – who one has no inherent, “blood” connection with at all – do we start to grasp who, what this egoistic ‘self” truly is.

And only in this unique environment will we understand that we actually have to “lose”, annul this most precious “self”, the only actual possession we ever have, in order to find our “true self” which we never even had any idea, imagination about before.

This “new, true self” is everything we selflessly, unconditionally invest into others. This “true self” will live on, continue developing, growing in others as if we planted a selfless, Human seed into a fertile soil – the others we commit to serve – that is completely “outside” of ourselves, beyond our “original self”.

Our true, eternal and infinite Human existence will unfold through that developing seed.

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