Conditions For World Peace

Question: Will we see world peace within our lifetime?

Answer: Yes. But in order to facilitate “peace” first we have to understand what “peace” is.

Peace does not mean that the inherent differences, the instinctive distrust, mutual rejection will disappear. No, our differences and mutual tendency to work, compete, fight against one another will only increase, as our inherent ego constantly intensifies.

We can see how today we can’t even hold together the core family!

Thus we have to learn how it is possible to build bridges, peace above everything that is against peace. We have to find such common goals, common Human purpose that will prove to be stronger than all the forces that tear as apart.

One motivation is the fact that Nature’s cosmic system demands peace, integration from Humanity. Without “global integration/peace” we remain incompatible with Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system. Thus the system will reject us like a foreign body!

We are not the “Landlords” in this system we are simply parts of it, although a unique part that can gain total consciousness, attainment of the system. But for that first we need to integrate otherwise we will be rejected.

Whether we want to see it or not, whether we accept it or not this rejection process has already started!

Thus we will be pushed towards peace by increasing deadlocks, crisis situations, unprecedented, intolerable suffering, unless we consciously, proactively start to learn how it is possible to interconnect, integrate above, against our inherent nature.

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