An Apolitical Solution

Question: What changed your political opinion once and for all?

Answer: They say that there is natural progress in man. When one is young, one follows cherishes “leftist”, liberal ideologies, directions but as one gets older and collects more experience one becomes more and more conservative, traditionalist, “rightist”.

Since I started studying a unique, empirical science that explains our own Human nature and the fundamental principles, laws Nature’s system is built on, my “political views” have changed even more radically: I have completely disconnected from politics, from all the ideologies, teachings, systems that determine, govern Human societies today.

I have understood that Humanity’s increasing problems cannot be solved by political, economic, social or even military means. Since they are all built on our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature – which is the root cause of all our problems – they do not solve but perpetuate, deepen the crisis we are desperately sinking in.

Instead of politics, economics, social studies we need something different. We need a unique, unprecedented, purposeful and practical education, upbringing that can change, correct, upgrade our inherent nature.

Only a purposefully, methodically corrected, upgraded Humanity – through the positive motivation the new education can provide – can build a new society that can avoid all the problems, destruction we have causes, experiences in the past and are still causing in the present.

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