True Love – It’s A Kind Of Magic…

Question: What would happen to the world and to the global scenario if today we discovered the existence of magic and of the ones who use it, such as sorcerers, witches, wizards, mages, etc.?

Answer: First of all I fully agree with you that we have reached a state, where we are in great need of some “magic”, “supernatural” ability to save ourselves, to somehow stop ourselves from sleepwalking into a global meltdown, as we have no idea how to rise above the inherent differences, instinctive mutual distrust and hate that separates us from each other.

(Maybe this is why Hollywood is making movies only about superheroes these days, hoping for some “super-human” help, solutions…)

We indeed need the “supernatural” ability of “true love” that is capable of covering “all crimes”, that is capable of building bridges, mutual connections above everything that tears us apart.

This magical “true love” – the unconditional, selfless, altruistic fulfillment of the desires, needs of others, viewing reality through their viewpoints – is in us, but it is dormant, it is suppressed by our inherently egocentric, self-protective, self-justifying instincts.

Fortunately we can unlock, awaken this special ability even without sorcery, by using a special, purposeful, practical educational method in the right, “laboratory-like” environment.

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