Intelligent Life “Out There”…

Question: Do you believe there is intelligent life other than us in the known universe? Should we make contact if so?

Answer: Yes, I believe that there is intelligent life in the known Universe other than us, and I also believe that we should make contact as soon as possible.

But I do not think that this intelligent life is in some so far unknown aliens (although of course I have no idea if there are aliens in the Universe or not). It is us, Human beings that are capable of a qualitatively higher, “truly intelligent” life instead of blindly, “un-intelligently” following our inherent instincts, hormonal reactions, stumbling through the same mistakes, crisis situations through history’s helplessly recurring vicious cycles.

Since we are going through our own actual civilization ending meltdown, which can end in an explosion that could wipe all of us out, it is “high time” that we started researching, implementing how we could upgrade ourselves to that more intelligent, “truly Human” state.

This “higher intelligence” won’t come from our usual, inherently egocentric, introverted, self-justifying, subjective mind. That higher, “truly Human intelligence” is collective, it is based on an unprecedented, purposefully built “Human network computing”.

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