What Is “Life”?!

Question: What have you experienced as a medical mystery that has yet to be solved?

Answer: One “medical mystery” we all see, experience, serving know about, but haven’t figured out yet is what “life” itself is.

After all how is it possible that a unique collection of diverse elements, cells, organs are alive in one moment, and then suddenly the same collection of elements, cells, organs become lifeless a moment later?!

And if we tried to collect, interconnect the very same elements, cells, organs ourselves, trying to recreate the same circumstances for them, we can’t elicit life and they remain lifeless?!

A unique group of original, empirical scientists – Kabbalists – explain, that we can actually create life, activate the same circulation, mutual communication in between diverse, seemingly incompatible parts in a unique, “laboratory like” environment.

We can assemble a group of people – who are not connected, attracted to each by any natural, familial or friendly connections – and create out of them such a closely bonded, interconnected unit, which will experience a “supernatural” – above the instinctive, egotistic, hateful, subjective nature – life-flow in between them. This will give them an unprecedented, undoubted sense of collective, systemic “true life” above the ‘single-cellular” life single Human being usually experiences.

Their new experience compared to the usual consciousness, perception will be like what a complete Human being feels above the imperceptible, limited sense of a single cell, or organ. For those sensing this “life-flow” it is utterly clear that is different, separate from their usual “life-experience”, superseding anything they individually sensed before.

Their original egotistic, subjective sensation will feel as “death”, simple lingering compared to the unlimited, perfect sensation they feel through the selfless, unconditional love and service they build in between them.

Only Human beings are capable of “arresting”, directly sensing and researching this phenomenon, as they need to build the necessary unity, mutual connections above the inherently egotistic, selfish, hateful Human nature giving us the necessary stark contrast, comparative opportunity.

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