Building The Future Global Society – Under Pressure, Or Willingly

Question: Is the future of society globalised or localized?

Answer: We do not have a choice about this. Since the vast Natural system we exist in is “global” – fully integrated and interdependent – in order to survive we will also need to become fully integrated.

Our free choice is only in regards to how we achieve this. We can keep waiting, trying to “trick” Nature with our inherently egotistic, selfish, subjective “solutions” until the recurring, worsening crisis situations, imminent threat of self-destruction, intolerable suffering will force us to change.

Or we can start proactively learn what existence in an integral, closed, living Natural system means, how our inherently proud, individualistic, hateful and egoistic nature is incompatible with it, and how we could still achieve integration and thus compatibility through the right, purposeful and practical upbringing, education.

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