The Long Lasting Impression Of “First Love”

Question: How has the first love changed your life?

Answer: It still provides me with a very tangible example about what “love” can do to the person. When we fall in love we lose our “normal”, usual anchors to life we are torn away from normal reason, intellect and start “levitating” towards the beloved person, wanting to sense and fulfill the desires of that other.

It is on one hand a beautiful, “otherworldly” feeling, on the other hand it is scary from our usual, inherently self-serving, egotistic point of view, as love makes the other person more important than ourselves, “forcing us” to unconditionally think about, serve that other at the expense of ourselves.

It is not surprising that people – especially those who were “burned” by huge disappointments before in love – are afraid of falling in love. These days people choose simple, temporary, goal-oriented relationships instead of “falling head over heel” in love when the “self” disappears in the other.

But if we want to rediscover the sense of “head over heels” true love in a repeatable, sustainable manner in order to sense Nature’s all encompassing love flow through us on the merit of becoming similar to it, we can use a special, practical educational method to achieve it.

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