Truly Holistic Thinking

Question: What are some examples of holistic thinking in everyday life?

Answer: The truly holistic thinking, approach would be reaching a complete attainment of the system of Nature we exist in. It would mean unveiling, understanding Nature’s single, intelligent evolutionary plan from its inception to its final, perfect goal with all of its cause and effect processes.

Most importantly as a result we would also understand our own unique Human cogwheel role in the system so we could then fulfill it justifying our own Human existence.

Then we would understand that in our fully integrated, interdependent system good means good for everybody, bad means bad for everybody in a true “one for all, all for one” manner.

Fortunately we possess the necessary scientific, educational method that can guide, prepare us for this incredible “holistic journey” which leads to true, realistic, tangible results, attainment.

The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Is Not Philosophy |

Attainment Is The Highest Degree Of Understanding |

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