“Faith Above Reason” – Giving Birth To A New Consciousness

Question: How do you proceed from something known to the knowledge of something unknown?

Answer: This is a very important question as this is exactly how we are supposed to develop from now on.

We have entered a completely new, unprecedented phase of Human evolution, when Nature expects us to take our development into our own hands.

Moreover we have to change our manner of development from a linear to “quantum” development. (Quantum because by this development we gradually acquire a consciousness, perception that’s unbounded by the one dimensional, subjective restrictions of time, space, postal motion.)

This means that instead of perceiving reality, progressing based on our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective mind, emotional devices we need to constantly rise above ourselves, expand our consciousness beyond, outside of, even against the self.

This is a development that’s defined as progressing through “faith above reason”.

Here “faith” doesn’t denote bind faith in something unattainable. Instead it means focusing on, play acting, practicing a type of existence, behavioural pattern – in a unique, closed environment with the help of a special purposeful educational method – that is incomprehensible to the subjective, egotistic mind, logic.

But we still behave, commit to act as if we were already existing in that next, higher developmental degree. If this imagined, practiced decree – which we act out above, against our actual, present understanding, feelings – agrees with the next developmental degree Nature’s evolution expects us to reach, then we unlock, draw on ourselves Nature’s unique developmental force which will elevate us to the level.

Then the state we acted out in “faith” – beyond our actual comprehension – becomes our next, actual state, our new consciousness, perception of reality.

Then we start working again towards a new, higher state, repeating the same pattern, constantly pulling ourselves higher and higher by harnessing, utilizing Nature’s developmental force, becoming its partners by fulfilling its evolutionary plan.

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