Live Mass Extinction

Question: When was the last mass extinction on planet Earth, and what caused it? Answer: It is live on now, as we are already deep in the process of exterminating ourselves and the Natural system around us like cancer. And the cause is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego that drives all of … More Live Mass Extinction

Absolute Mutual Responsibility In Order To Achieve Critical Thinking

Question: Does lack of responsibility rob people of critical thinking? Answer: This is a very deep question which is not easy to answer. First of all we would need to clarify two issues. 1.In regards to responsibility only in our “global” generation did we scratch the surface what actual “responsibility” means. Previously we thought that … More Absolute Mutual Responsibility In Order To Achieve Critical Thinking

Nature’s Uncompromising Principle

Question: What are your uncompromisable values, your core principles? Answer: I don’t have any personal ones, especially that any such personal values, principles would be inevitably egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective. Fortunately Nature’s perfect system provides us with an uncompromising, core principle, unique, empirical, Natural scientists expressed in the law: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Contrary … More Nature’s Uncompromising Principle

The Crucial, Mutual Interconnections

Question: What’s something we humans can do in everyday life to make the world a better place? Answer: The single, most important thing we have to do every day, every moment is to keep building, sustaining and strengthening the mutual interconnections in between us. Especially in the globally integrated, fully interdependent world we evolved on … More The Crucial, Mutual Interconnections

The End Of The World As We Know It…

Question: Why does modern society disregard science and facts, favor opinions over research and evidence, and challenge scientific authority that aims to help society? Answer: This is very multi-faceted question. First of all our generation is the most closed-minded and ignorant in Human history. We don’t care about anything else, but to fulfill our instinctive, … More The End Of The World As We Know It…

Consciously Returning To The “Circle Of Life”

Question: Are life forms themselves in a conflict as each life form on its natural growth expansion? Answer: Only in Humanity. Apart from Humanity the whole Natural system is perfect, in optimal balance, maintaining homeostasis, keeping the “circle of life”. Although it is difficult to comprehend from our own present, selfish, subjective point of view, … More Consciously Returning To The “Circle Of Life”

Preventing Human Extinction In The Last Minute

Question: Do you believe that humans will ultimately be the cause of their own extinction? What will be the main contributor to the self demise of humanity? Answer: If we continue developing according to our inherently selfish, egocentric, hateful and greedy nature, instinctively exploiting, consuming everything for our own reward, profit, then we will inevitably … More Preventing Human Extinction In The Last Minute

Inescapable Globalization

Question: What are the merits and demerits of globalisation? Answer: When we consider “globalization” as our inevitable present and future, obligatory evolutionary state, then there are no merits or demerits to it. In a “cosmically integrated” and fully interdependent natural Universe Humanity has no chance and right to survive, unless we ourselves become globally integrated … More Inescapable Globalization