World Peace Through Inner Peace

Question: Will world peace ever be accomplished? Answer: World peace can be achieved only when nations can connect to each other above their inherent differences and instinctive, mutual distrust, animosity. This can happen only if individual people can connect to one another above their inherent uniqueness, mutual distrust and animosity. And that can happen only … More World Peace Through Inner Peace

The Infinite Power Of Giving

Question: What gives you a feeling of power? Answer: Paradoxically my sense of power comes from giving power to others, pouring everything I have unconditionally into the unique, closed, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment where everybody is committed to act so. Then we can create an unprecedented flow of selfless, life-giving energy, that’s facilitated, augmented, … More The Infinite Power Of Giving

Global Foundations

Question: What do you care about putting into the world? By putting it into the world, what is your goal? Answer: We need to lay down the foundations for proper, positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections in between people in the world. The goal is to build a fully integrated, mutually cooperating global, Human … More Global Foundations

Building Connections

Question: What are some simple ways to connect with your fellow humans? Answer: Although making connections seems simple – especially with the advent of social media where many of us have thousands of “friends” – making true, positive, sustainable connections is actually very difficult. It is easy to “meet” when it fits us, when the … More Building Connections

Under Social Influence

Question: Are consumer decisions heavily influenced by social psychology? Why or why not? Answer: Not only consumer decisions, but all decisions are heavily influenced by social psychology. As a very concise, scientific article (“The Freedom” by Rav Yehuda Ashlag) explains who we are is influenced by 4 factors: genetic inheritance, upbringing, education and environmental influence. … More Under Social Influence