Creating Life

Question: Many people say we are born to live a life. Either we hate it or not, we have to live it by force, and challenge everything that comes into our path, but when you try to look at the point, what is the MAIN reason, purpose and point why we’re living?

Answer: This a very important, “Human” question.

Considering the first part of your statement, at that “survival” level we are not different from any other animal that lives, fights for day to day survival in between involuntary birth and involuntary death, fulfilling necessities, chasing pleasures, escaping pain.

Only when we start pondering about the “Why?”, “What is the point, meaning in life?” do we start rising above the instinctive animal level approaching being Human.

The MAIN reason for living is to acquire a new mind, understanding, to see reality through a new perception of reality. Although it is difficult to accept, comprehend it from our present point of view, we do not live to make this life more comfortable, successful, to cram as many pleasures as possible into ourselves through the animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires imprinted in us. These desires are there to support our “animal” existence so the Human can be born on top of it.

The Human needs to research reality deeper, unveiling Nature’s intelligent, predetermined plan of evolution in order to trace it back to the “initial thought”, to the first and only reason why reality came to existence. It came to existence in order to give birth to, educate, develop an independent, objective Human observer that acquires the omnipotent ability to create life, to recreate reality, the vast, cosmic Universe out of nothing.

“Human (Adam)” – from its Hebrew origin – means “similar”. We are destined to become similar to the whole system of reality and its source. And when we reach that similarity (while still existing in our present biological, animal bodies, still fulfilling the same animate and social desires), through that similarity we will understand that “initial thought”: why this Human observer, with the infinite, omnipotent, life creating potential, with all of its associated responsibility, devotion had to be born and what it is capable of.

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