Reaching For Eternity Above The Body

Question: What thing can make humans never die?

Answer: In terms of our physical, biological body – at least according to our present scientific, technological knowledge – we cannot make “humans that never die”.

On the other hand we can achieve a qualitatively higher consciousness, perception of reality – while still living in our present biological bodies – that would give us a sense of existence that is above the subjective constraints of time, place and motion, beyond feeling physical life and death.

We need to use the time given, the window of opportunity we have in this physical world – using our fear of death as a constant motivation – to acquire that “higher”, infinite, eternal state of being.

And that is possible by methodically escaping our inherently self-centered, egoistic and subjective perception of reality by starting to perceive reality through the eyes and desires of others in purposeful, unique small groups.

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