Through The Eye Of Needle

Question: What is the most painfully true advice you ever were told in life?

Answer: It is a bit like telling a chronic alcoholic, drug addict that in order to survive he/she needs to give up, needs to be cured of the addiction.

We are all born with an inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature, and by instinctively following, obeying this nature we are sleepwalking towards total self-destruction.

So when we are told – like in the unique environment we join in order to find the “meaning of life” – that in order to find that meaning, in order to facilitate individual and collective Human survival we need to detach ourselves from our own ego and start existing for the sake of others, it is the most cruel, painful advice from the ego’s point of view ( how we view life right now), but the truest and most liberating advice from the point of view of our “future Human being”.

Our perfect, eternal and infinite Human life is found outside of the reaches of our inherent ego through altruism, selfless, unconditional service of others. But going through the transition, being born into that new reality is a difficult, “painful” process. As wise sages wrote, “we (the ego) have to die in order to live (as Humans)”.

Thus we need a unique, purposeful educational method that can help us go “through the eye of a needle” as pleasantly, as fast as possible.

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