Immortal And All-Knowing

Question: What would you do if you know everything and you are immortal?

Answer: I do not know, but I am working on it. Seriously!

The Wisdom of Kabbalah provides the tools and the right “laboratory” conditions where we can exit our inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective cocoon that prevents us from perceiving an infinite and eternal reality.

By rising above the subjective coordinates of time and space – which only serve our constant egocentric attempts of acquiring pleasures and escape suffering – we acquire a sense of eternal existence.

And by exiting our introverted, self-serving and self-justifying mind and logic, we create an empty vessel that can be filled with Nature’s unlimited, perfect Wisdom.

Each and every Human being can reach “immortality” and absolute, perfect and objective, Natural Wisdom here and now, within this life, within this body.

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