Drugs That Disconnect Is From Our Human Purpose

Question: How do drugs ruin one’s life?

Answer: It is a multi-faceted question.

It is known many of the “drugs” that are used for “recreational use” are also used to treat intractable, intolerable physical pain, muscle spasm, anxiety, as it is widely publicized today marijuana for example might have plenty of useful medical applications.

Maybe we could narrow the question like this: why does using drugs to consciously, regularly disconnect us from reality ruin our lives?

Because we are born into this life to consciously, objectively, tangible research it, taste it until we find its true meaning, until we receive and fulfill our unique Human role in Nature’s perfect, cosmic system.

And we are unable to do so if we “transport” ourselves into illusions, “heightened states” that have no connection with actual reality.

Even as we are by default – without drugs – we live in an illusion, as the world we see is simply an egocentric, subjective distortion of reality. Thus instead of escaping from the inherent illusion into an even greater illusion we need to learn how to observer reality purposefully, objectively, outside of our egoistic, subjective spheres.

And for that we don’t need drugs, but we need a unique, practical and purposeful educational method in the right “laboratory conditions” (environment).

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