The Effects Of Globalization

Question: What is globalization? How does it affect us?

Answer: “Globalization” – existence in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world – is our new evolutionary state.

This is not man-made, we had to develop to a “global, integral” system in order to achieve compatibility with nature’s fully integrated and interdependent living system we are part of.

Without this mutual integration with each other and in between Humanity and Nature we have no “right to exist” and the system would reject us.

On the other hand we have grave difficulties accepting this as we are all born with an inherently individualistic, selfish and egoistic nature that wants to ruthlessly, exclusively compete, fight with others for resources, survival, succeeding at the expense of others.

This paradox in between what evolution expects from us and what we instinctively want causes the present, unsolvable, global crisis.

We won’t be able to change evolution, and Nature’s vast, cosmic system is infinitely stronger than Humanity. Thus we won’t have any other options but to change ourselves, change how we relate to one another, in order to achieve the necessary compatibility

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