Accepting, Loving And Justifying Ourselves

Question: Do you truly believe we honestly have the capability to love and accept ourselves as we are for who we are? How have you worked on this in your life?

Answer: Yes I honestly believe that we have the capability to love and accept ourselves.


We are conscious, logical creatures. Everything is based on clear cause and effect processes. Thus in order to love and accept ourselves we need an obvious reason.

By default we are programmed to love ourselves, unconditionally serve ourselves instinctively, without any obvious reason. This instinct is still rooted in a blind, animate survival reflex.

But as our evolution is reaching its final, conscious, “truly Human”phase, such automatic, instinctive ‘self-love”, “self-justification” does not work any longer. We need, we are searching for a true, justified reason to love and accept ourselves, to justify our existence.

The Human purpose of our life is to find this justification.

And as Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan determines, as it is programmed in our “original software”, this self-acceptance, self-justification is fulfilled when we become capable of “loving, serving others as ourselves”, selflessly, unconditionally.

This is why the most misunderstood principle of Human history – “Love your neighbor as yourself” – is crucially important.

It is not only describing Nature’s most fundamental law safeguarding balance and homeostasis in between all elements of integral living systems in a poetic, archaic manner. It also gives us the practical key to achieve the sought after self-acceptance, self-justification by making ourselves similar to Nature’s most fundamental, life-giving law, principle.

When we reached this – when we become capable of selflessly, unconditionally serve, love others and thus feel Nature’s circle of life streaming through us towards others – we will completely merit to accept, love ourselves and fully justify our existence in this world

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