Global Interdependence

Question: What are some events or issue that demonstrate globalization?

Answer: I know you would not expect this example, but the best example of “globalization” is how our own biological bodies work. Our cells, organs and the “microbe cloud” that surrounds us all form a closed ( not strictly closed since our bodies also intricately interact with others and the natural environment…), fully integrated and completely interdependent living system.

Although through evolution the cells were originally individual, separated, exclusively surviving, in order to form a qualitatively higher level organism, in order to gain a qualitatively higher level consciousness, they made the compromise to unite and start unconditionally serving the collective instead of serving themselves.

Humanity has also evolved into such a globally integrated and interdependent collective as Natural evolution expects us to form a qualitatively much higher, “Super-Human” organism, consciousness. But contrary to the original single cells or other evolving organism, we Humans have to make this next evolutionary step consciously, by our own free choice.

This is why we are born with selfish, egoistic, subjective, “cancer-like” properties, inclinations, so we can make this crucial evolutionary transition against, despite our inherent nature so we could maintain our full awareness in the contrast. All we need is the suitable, purposeful and practical educational method

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