Overcoming “Human Failure”

Question: Is human nature the reason that socialism has failed so miserably?

Answer: Yes. And not only socialism but everything else we have tried.

After all what we are observing today is the total breakdown, corruption of “liberal democracy” and “free market capitalism”, which we thought would be the most perfect Human systems, foundations for a fair, successful Human society.

As long as we plan and build everything on our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful, greedy and subjective nature and perception, it does not matter what and how we try. It is doomed from beginning to end by default.

Thus we can’t change the world, reform Humanity by using political, economic or military means, we can’t succeed with different social ideologies, movements. We simply make everything worse with all of our “solutions” as they all serve only our instinctive egos, selfish aspirations.

In order to succeed, to solve problems, to survive collectively, we need to first correct, upgrade ourselves, our own nature. And such fundamental, unprecedented change, upgrade is possible only through the right education, upbringing, since the changes won’t be sustainable unless they are done through positive motivation, by attracting people through conscious, free will, true choice

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