Inherent Racism Becoming Obvious…

Question: Does racism still exist in politics?

Answer: Racism – an irrational hatred against others who are different from us – still exists not only in politics but in all of us.

We could say that “we are all born racists”, since our inherently individualistic, egoistic and hateful nature distrusts, rejects others in order to justify the “self”, to place one’s self above everybody else.

As long as we try to limit racism to certain people, to certain groups of people or nations, we will keep missing the point. We won’t understand that racism, irrational distrust, rejection of others is rooted inside each and every one of us.

And until we fail to reveal the root cause of racism, hate, we have no chance of treating it, neutralizing it. So it is good that things are getting more and more obvious each day…

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