Immortal Humans

Question: Do you think humans will ever be immortal?

Answer: Yes. Moreover we are already immortal but we are unaware of it.

We are stuck in an illusory finite, physical reality due to our inherently self-centered, egoistic, introverted, subjective mind and perception. In this illusion, “nightmare” we are born, we live an instinctive, animate life blindly chasing random pleasures, running from pain and suffering, until we seemingly die and everything disappears.

We have the opportunity and capability to wake up from this nightmare by acquiring a true, selfless, objective perception of reality, providing us with a realistic, tangible, infinite and eternal existence.

This whole process is purposeful by evolution. If we did not have to proactively awaken ourselves, if we could not contrast a perfect, eternal existence with this illusory, dark, finite reality we feel ourselves in right now, we would never be able to appreciate, truly discern the eternal perfection what is our real life.

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