Mission Impossible – To Make True Life Possible!

Question: What’s the best reason to do anything that’s nearly impossible?

Answer: The best reason to do anything that is nearly or completely impossible is to test and reach the limit of our selfish abilities.

Reaching a breaking point where we want to do, achieve something with all our might and we feel that life has no meaning without reaching it – while also recognizing that it is outright impossible to reach, achieve that thing; this is extremely liberating. At that point our inherent connection to our ego, to our self-belief, self-confidence snaps and we experience a very strange, unprecedented, “scary” sense of freedom, as if floating in empty space.

This is a very unique sensation – which does not last long as our ego, our self-justifying nature quickly finds a way of anchoring us back to itself again – when we do not feel ourselves, but we feel Nature’s single, governing, life-giving source enlivening, moving, governing us.

To feel, stabilize and consciously bring back this sensation is the purpose of our Human life. Real Human existence is when we do not feel ourselves existing, but we simply observe Nature’s perfect system and its single governing force acting.

In order to do this in a repeatable, methodical, “pleasant” manner we need a unique “laboratory” with its purposeful, practical method.

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