Finding The Only Playable Character

Question: Is there anyone you deal with on a regular basis (in the real world) that you would swear is an NPC?

Answer: Quora constantly teaches me new things! I did not know what NPC stood for before researching it seeing the question.

Most of the time I find almost everybody I encounter to be NPS’s. Seemingly everybody is stuck into their own mindset, repeating their own thoughts, “propaganda” – whether brainwashed, or their on opinion. Everybody seems to be playing their own unchangeable roles in this dark, unpredictable game called life.

But then I started to learn about how perception of reality works and as a result I started to understand that the “game” is much more clever than I thought!

I do not have to play, control, manipulate all the characters, events, worlds I see around me. The only character I need to play and change, manipulate is me!

Our perception of reality is completely subjective. What we see “outside” of us is not some absolute, unchanging world. We cannot recognize, see, hear, taste, smell or touch anything that we do not have similarity, “matching frequency” with. As a result I do not see “the world”, I see “a world” I paint, scan, map with my own qualities.

When I see another person I recognize in that person only those qualities that I already have inside me. Thus I see my version of that person.

Which means that all the NPC’s become playable characters if I change myself, my own qualities, suppress, ignore some and acquire new ones. By changing myself I can completely change others, the whole world I perceive!

And the purpose of this “game called life” is that by changing, playing myself, acquiring new qualities, abilities, clothing I reach a state, where I see only a perfect, complete reality, each and every character, action, event perfectly complementing each other.

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