Learning How To Co-Exist Above The Ego

Question: How can we learn as a society to accept each other’s views if we can’t agree on laws and find each other’s opinions abominable?

Answer: Only through a unique, purposeful education can we learn to accept each other’s views, opinions in a way that we preserve each other’s point of view and then build a completely new, collective opinion above our remaining differences, contradictions.

We are the most egoistic, individualistic, self-justifying and subjective generation in Human history, thus it is not surprising that we can’t accept or even listen to each other, and that we constantly try to prove ourselves over others, who we try to “defeat”, “humiliate”.

Our egoistic nature cannot be suppressed, we can’t erase who we are. This is why we need the unique educational method, where we can learn in practice how to build solutions, opinions, above the individual level, rising to a unique, unprecedented mutual, collective level, building a collective intelligence, while our individuality, egoism remains intact “below”.

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