Benefiting Humanity By Teaching Love By Integration

Question: Do you think you’re a benefit to humanity or a hindrance?

Answer: I hope to become a benefit. There is only one thing that determines this.

Since we have evolved into a completely integrated, interdependent Human society that is embedded – and evolved from – a fully integrated and interdependent Natural system, we will only be able to solve our mounting global problems and survive if we consciously accept and positively use our global, integral state.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and subjective nature is against, it abhors true, mutual connections, where one needs to subdue personal aspirations, calculations towards the needs, well-being of the whole collective. We can see how desperately helpless we are in the face of the growing, deepening global crisis that affects everything we do! We simply cannot choose the collective over ourselves, it is against our initial software.

Our egoistic nature cannot be suppressed or erased, it is all we have. Thus we need to learn – through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method – how to build connections, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation above, despite our instinctive attitude, behavior.

We need to learn how to implement the principle of “Loving others as yourself”, as it symbolises Nature’s most fundamental law for maintaining balance, homeostasis in closed, integrated, Natural systems.

Those who can provide such education, who willingly take part in this “Human upgrade” development will become beneficial to Humanity.

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