Extra Motivation To Cooperate: We Are Sitting On The Same Boat!

Question: Without money, what would motivate our egos to meet on a common ground?

Answer: This is a very good question since we can finally see that without, accumulating material possessions can’t motivate us for unity, can’t guarantee peace out even happiness.

Perhaps the EU is the best example on how coordinated financial institutions, unified markets, common prosperity alone can’t secure unity, long term relationships.

As your suggested our inherently selfish, egotistic nature will dinner or later distort even the best ideologies, ideas, structures.

Thus we need a stronger, deeper motivation in order to help us build unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation.

And this motivation is collective survival! In the globally integrated, fully interdependent system we evolved into the is no individual or even national success, survival.

When we are all sitting on the same -presently sinking – global boat, it doesn’t matter who is drilling holes underneath whom, if the boat sinks we all drown! Thus the usual unity against another common enemy is self-destructive.

We urgently need a unique “integral upbringing/education” so at least a critical mass of Humanity understand the survival need for unity above our instinctive attitude, reactions.

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