Solving The Problem Of Antisemitism

Question: How do you propose to solve the problem of anti-Semitism in the western world?

Answer: This is a very sensitive, we could say “loaded” question!

Logically in order to since a problem we would need to know it’s root cause, the cause & effect connection.

But in relation to Jew-hatred there is seemingly no logical reason, cause, but it all seems completely irrational!

In the last more than 2000 years when the Jews have been scattered in other countries as a result of the destruction of the Second Temple Jews try to please their hosts, they tried to assimilate, Jews have been strongly contributing to all of the positive breakthroughs, cultural, technological, scientific, social development of the world, out of proportion to their very small number within Humanity.

Yes the Jews also contributed to some of the most negative developments, advances through history. But is it true that only Jews caused communism, is it only Jews who control the financial systems, Hollywood, media or American politics? Of course not!

Still Jews have been prosecuted, expelled, tortured, forcefully converted, killed through centuries out of proportion compared to others, and today Antisemitism and its modern form anti-Zionism is at higher levels than before the 2nd World War!

So where does this “irrational” hate coming from?! What is the reason that this constantly simmering negative attitude bursts into flames when Humanity goes through problems, crisis situations like today?!

Fortunately unique, original, empirical Natural scientists – called Kabbalists – explain the root cause in a way that we can build a true solution with its help.

Due to their origins, as a result of the founding fathers of the Jewish Nation being the above meetings Natural scientists – fully understanding Nature’s system and Human nature with its intricate details – Jews are the only people with a working, purposeful, practical method that can counter, and benevolently use the inherently selfish, hateful, subjective Human ego.

Without the Jewish method, without the unity, mutual responsibility this method can facilitate above and despite our inherent nature, people can’t cooperate, solve problems, and as a result in today’s globally integrated, interdependent world our collective survival is in danger.

The Jewish people hold in their hands the only remedy, method that can safeguard Human survival! But at the moment neither Jews, not others know about this, understand this!

Thus we urgently need a unique education, information spread, positive propaganda teaching both Jews and non-Jews about Human nature, about the fully integrated, interdependent world we exist in, and how the unique Jewish method can help us adapt to Nature’s integral system above and against the inherently selfish, hateful ego.

Only the fulfillment of the historic Jewish role in the world – by openly showcasing Jewish unity based on the Kabbalistic method as a result of the above mentioned education – can solve Antisemitism, anti-Zionism, turning haters, enemies, opponents into respectful, supporting followers, “…the nations of the world carrying the Children of Israel to their Temple in Jerusalem…”

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