The Irreplaceable Role Of The Jewish People

Question: Will the world be a better place without the group of people called Jews?

Answer: In an age when we are hellbent in trying to erase individual and national identity, I believe that each individual and nation has a unique, irreplaceable role in the world.

And if we suppress, erase those roles we cause irreversible damage, as that piece, cogwheel will be missing from the perfect whole. After all we evolved from and still exist in Nature’s perfect, intelligently predetermined system, where there are no accidents, nothing is obsolete, everything appears and works by “iron laws”.

The Jewish people are assigned to fulfill a very unique role on the merit of their “forefathers” , who weren’t religious, mystical figureheads, but they were the most original, empirical, Natural scientists who researched and attained Nature’s system in its completeness.

Many thousands of years ago they revealed Nature’s true “theory of everything”, mapping the plan of evolution from its beginning to its final purpose. And of course they fully understood our special Human role, purpose in this plan, in the system.

Without their late descendants in our generation reviving their Wisdom, the practical method they left for us in their multiple, symbolic writings, Humanity has no clue how to adapt to, integrate into Nature’s perfect system and survive. Our inherent egotistic, subjective nature is completely opposed to this.

It is the Jews who have to show first how true, sustainable unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation is possible above incredible inherent diversity, despite the instinctive mutual distrust, rejection against others.

And consciously, unconsciously the world – in the form of growing Antisemitism, anti-Zionism, Israel-hatred – is putting increasing pressure on the Jews to perform this role!

By starting to perform this role the Jews are the ones who can solve Antisemitism, turning haters, enemies into respectful followers, supporters!

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