The Problem With Capitalism

Question: In your opinion, what are some major flaws/problems associated with Capitalism?

Answer: Capitalism is based on the deepest Human “truth”, saying “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours”. And then we can all attain, grab for ourselves whatever we can in a free competition, through free markets.

Unfortunately this attractive and seemingly fair “truth” doesn’t take into consideration our true nature: which is self-serving, self-justifying, greedy egoism, where we are not satisfied with fulfilling our own desires, but we get even greater satisfaction when we gain, succeed at the expense of others!

Thus as a result of our nature capitalism and its basic tenet is distorted to “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine too”. In other words the as they said in the movie “Cloud Atlas”, “…the weak are meat, the string do eat…”.

This is how Human society operates today desire of its “niceties”, and the peanuts and “circus and bread” dispersed among the masses.

And this is why capitalism had also failed, desire “liberal democracy” and “free market capitalism” looking as the best possible Human system.

We won’t be able to solve our problems unless we correct, upgrade our inherent nature first, and learn how to channel the instable, always hungry selfish, greedy ego in a benevolent, constructive way.

Then we will find that the best Human construct is built on the principle of “what’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine”, fulfilling everybody in a prefect way through the naturally prefect social system of “mutual guarantee”, where people selflessly, unconditionally, reciprocally serve one another.

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