When We Are Close To Crashing…

Question: What do you think will be the biggest world problem in the future?

Answer: The same problem that is threatening our very existence right now!

It is true that at the moment not everybody feels that we are sleepwalking towards a seemingly inevitable global meltdown. Most people can still be easily distracted by the constant, insane brainwashing, the overwhelming “global entertainment/media onslaught” about royal families, royal weddings, royal babies, the unstoppable seasons of the most favorite, “must see” TV -shows, sport championships, cooking and dancing shows, fake news factories…

But unfortunately our society is like the hapless passengers of one of those Boeing 737 Max planes falling out of the sky, who are told to keep firmly focusing on their media screens immersing in the movies and fake information, while they are diving into their death!

The world’s biggest problems is that due to our inherently egocentric, narcissistic, selfish and hateful nature we can’t build true, positive and sustainable connections with each other.

We are unable to form strong, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation against our egos, and without such cooperation we can’t solve global problems and thus we are unable to survive in a Natural world which exists based on integration, interdependence.

All the specific problems – with climate, society, education, culture,science, politics, economy, banks, wars, etc – are the result of the above mentioned root cause.

Thus the problem is not somewhere in the future – like in relation to climate change – but it is already here threatening our life here and now!

Without changing our inherent nature and building connections above it, despite of it – through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, program the inevitable global meltdown will arrive without our present generation – our collective Boeing 737 Max will helplessly plunge into the ground!

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