Learning To Care About Others

Question: What are the initial steps that someone could begin taking to start caring more about others than themselves?

Answer: This is a very important question, since in today’s globally integrated and fully interdependent world we won’t be able to solve problems and survive unless we learn how to mutually care more about others, how to serve others.

But this is also extremely difficult, since our inherently selfish, egotistic and subjective nature is completely opposite to these selfless, altruistic notions. Anybody who thinks they can by default think about others, care for others above instinctive self-interest, simply does not yet know the forces, desires, intentions that drive us, probably has not faced a true test of choice in between self-interest and the interest of others.

In order to put the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself” – which we have been preaching but never successfully implementing for millennia – into real, everyday practice, first we need an appropriate, practical, “integral” education, upbringing.

Only such an education can help us understand the laws, principles of closed, fully integrated Natural systems – and Humanity is one of those – how our inherent nature is incompatible with those laws, principles,and how we could correct, upgrade ourselves to become compatible.

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