Becoming Widely Polarised

Question: What’s your reaction to this statement from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about political moderation: “Moderate is not a stance. It’s just an attitude towards life of, like, ‘meh’”?

Answer: Well, most of the time I would not agree with what this young lady expresses, but this time I think she has a point.

What we call “moderate”, “politically correct”, “centrist” is in fact an artificial invention that is against our inherently, 100% selfish, self-serving, self-justifying egoistic and subjective nature.

In truth we all have very sharp, personal opinions, we all want to fight for our own opinions and defeat the opinions of others. This is reflected in the general “debating style” we have, although these days the “politically correct police” tries to tone down such debates, or they outright restrict free speech if it would lead to different opinions – especially if the differing opinion is not theirs.

But our inherent human ego is irrepressible and it cannot be erased. As a result what we already see especially in politics is growing polarization, partisanship, fragmentation, opinions moving towards the extremes. As a result “moderate”, “centrist” ideologies, parties will soon disappear from the scene, leaving us with sharply contrasting, polarized sides, movements.

This is “normal”, as it simply finally – without makeup, cosmetic surgery – reflects our true nature. And without recognizing our selfish, egoistic, proudly individualistic nature openly we could never find a way of building cooperation, mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections above, despite our differences, mutual distrust, hatred.

Of course for that we also need a special, purposeful and practical method that can teach us how to build unity above vast diversity, how to make peace above the constant tendency to go to war.

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